Fashion Preview: Mark Antoine emerges, as does a dystopian view

The buzz about Mark Antoine has been building since his student days at UQAM  just two years ago. This week, fans packed the closing show of the seventh edition of Fashion Preview for a rousing finale to [...]

Expo 67: one square-toed pump in the past, a giant fashion leap forward

It’s a given that Expo 67 was the dawn of a bright new era for Montreal, a beacon to the future – in fashion, arts, architecture, technology and society in general. But it might come [...]

Mark your calendars for Fashion Preview #7: Leinad Beaudet, Helmer are headliners

Fashion Preview, Montreal’s semi-annual showcase of fashion and accessory design, is two weeks away, and Daniel Beaudet will once again be one of the ones to watch with his Leinad Beaudet collection, titled Outremont, ma [...]

Gold ruled the Oscar red carpet. So who was best dressed?

Charlize Theron, Taraji P. Henson, Isabelle Huppert, Naomie Harris, Jessica Biel, Karlie Kloss. They were the best dressed on the red carpet at the Oscars Sunday night. Why? Because there was a simple elegance to [...]

The Golden Globes: the prettiest in pink, the passé plunge and the trend du jour

Let’s just call the deep plunge passé. J. Lo did it way back in 2000 with her tropical print Versace, and now, to make an impression, the plunge is going deeper and wider to the [...]

In the pink: looking back on 2016 and forward to a rosy 2017

I’ve taken a bit of a break recently. Call it writer’s block, call it indolence, call it a holiday – the empty screen has been haunting me to the point that it’s become a thing. [...]

Retail report: we’re shopping, not dropping

Surprise, surprise: Canadian fashion retailing is healthy. So says Randy Harris, president of Trendex North America. From Ohio, based in Florida, and specializing in Canadian, Mexican retail and e-commerce apparel markets, Harris shared his Canadian [...]