Retail report: we’re shopping, not dropping

Surprise, surprise: Canadian fashion retailing is healthy. So says Randy Harris, president of Trendex North America. From Ohio, based in Florida, and specializing in Canadian, Mexican retail and e-commerce apparel markets, Harris shared his Canadian [...]

Ogilvy’s at 150: In transition and celebrating being part of the canvas of Montreal

It is quite the milestone: Ogilvy, the stately department store, turns 150 years old this year. To celebrate the anniversary, the Montreal institution is continuing its philanthropic path, now supporting with the Montreal Children’s Hospital [...]

Behind the scenes at the Rockland fall campaign

Journalist, editor, writer, blogger, fashionista – and now, apparently, I'm an influencer. Rockland Centre, which I have frequented forever, picked five women of influence to headline its fall campaign. In this ever-changing media landscape, it’s people [...]