It started as a joke, says Duy Nguyen, the couturier with the lavish label DUY. Now he’s opened a popup shop with his Duyoorrr  line of sweats and street wear, in concert with a few other Montreal labels.

“You have Valentina on St-Hubert St., you have Prado, and why not Duyoorrr?’’ he said on opening day at the popup shop on St-Laurent Blvd.

Or better yet, Duyorama!


A Duyoorrr tank top is $80.

Obviously, to those in the fashion know, it’s a take on the successful run of Vetements, whose designer, Demna Gvasalia, wound up at Balenciaga.

“It’s making fun of the industry, the system,” Duy said of the Vetements phenomenon.

“It’s just clothes.”

But his own project is less pretentious, he says. For one thing, his tank top sells for about $80. A Vetements item would be $600 – or more.

Gvasalia, he points out, was right hand to Martin Margiela, so there is a huge following, and “everything they do is cool.”

Couture, Duy said – not for the first time – is exhausting, and he wanted to simplify his life.

“I cater more to private clients,’’ he said. “I like simple things that are well made.”

“Fashion is about creating desire.”

“The more hype you have – the better price (you can demand,” he said.

Joining Duy at the popup are Maison Bourdon’s sunglasses, Diametris leather bracelets and watch bands, Philippe Urban for headwear and Exxus fur accessories, among other local labels.

The store is at 4621 St-Laurent Blvd., and will be open until May 7.


Some more refined DUY signature items are available at the popup.

Philippe Urban headwear.

Diametris printed leather bracelets.