It’s going to be one of those weeks. Grand Prix week is here, and my trusty old-school paper calendar has no more room.

The festivities kicked off Monday, as Hugo Boss invited a few folks onboard the HUGO BOSS, a 60-foot monohull racing yacht with skipper Alex Thomson. Holed up in the tiny cabin of the yacht, 12 or so bloggers heard Thomson’s tales of derring-do on voyages around the world as rain beat down on the boat. Thomson, a Briton, was runner-up in the 2017 Vendée Globe race, circumnavigating the globe solo in 74 days. Takeaway from Thomson: mental resilience is the key to winning – or even completing – the gruelling course, more than physical ability.

Skipper Alex Thomson enters the Hugo Boss yacht to tell tales of his adventures at sea.

Everybody, it seems, is getting in on the Grand Prix act. The parties really get rolling Wednesday. The Ritz launches Maison Boulud’s Ruinart terrasse, Dress to Kill celebrates its 10th anniversary at Bar George, the Mural festival kicks off on St-Laurent Blvd., and a host of fashion brands have chosen this day to show and launch. Pretty Ballerinas shows fall, Frank + Oak previews its new women’s store on Stanley St., and Monica Frangulea, an architect and jewellery designer, showcases her pieces at the Ritz Residences, continuing to Thursday, when Judith & Charles shows its fall collection. I’m dizzy even thinking about it all.

Thursday, Le Richmond does its Grand Prix kickoff, as does Auberge Saint-Gabriel. The parties continue all through the weekend at those establishments – and all over town.

Dress to Kill fêtes its 10th anniversary at Bar George.


Last year, Brazilian carnival was the theme at the Ritz bash.

The Ritz gala this year features a Sahara-Middle Eastern theme.

The highlight comes Friday with the reigning GP party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, this year on a Saharan Middle Eastern theme. (Oh, what to wear!) If that’s not enough, there’s the Meridien Hotel F1 cocktail for those on the circuit, just to get primed for the main event.

The Ritz bash, partnered with Aston Martin,  features an open Champagne bar, delish food stations, and glamour galore. Buy tickets here.

More events, like Le Grand Soir at Le Gare Maritime – are listed here.