Eva Friede is a writer and editor who has worked at newspapers across Canada for more years than she cares to reveal. She found her calling in fashion at the Montreal Gazette, where she was fashion editor for more than 15 years. Eva has been described as “a journalist, social anthropologist and observer of the human condition, all viewed through the lens of a fashion editorialist.” Born in Montreal, Eva is finely attuned to the singular sense of style of her native city, but casts her exacting eye far and wide. A travel and photography enthusiast, Eva also loves to shop – hence her blog, The Constant Shopper.


With almost 40 years in journalism, what I know best is how to tell a story.

Writing is the foundation of my skill set, be it analysis, reports, features or catchy blurbs.

Telling a compelling story is not just via words, but through design. As fashion editor for The Montreal Gazette for more than 15 years, I was as exacting about image and design as words, taking a hands-on role in photo selection and layout.

I see fashion as a window on society and an individual means of expression. I am also a keen spotter and interpreter of trends.

The business of fashion has also been a large part of my reporting.

My start in fashion came in 1997, when an astute lifestyle editor noticed my interest in fashion, and asked me to create content to bolster the Style section. I came up with the concept of a column called Style File, featuring photos of items on a theme, often mimicking runway trends. That was the beginning of our new information era, in which technology has revolutionized the fashion and retail landscape.