Those who know me know I have been on a quest for a good everyday bag since, well, almost forever. Here’s my last post on the never-ending quest.

Yesterday, I almost scored. First, there was a flash sale at The Bay – 60 per cent off selected models. I ordered three, including two saddle bags – burgundy from Coach, black from Loeffler Randall – plus a hot pink Botkier evening-ish bag, for the fun of it.

Small catch: web error – The Bay website had mistakenly listed perhaps hundreds of handbags at the deep discount, and cancelled my order the next morning. A call to customer service yielded an apology, and a pointer to the fine print policy: “All prices listed on this website are subject to confirmation.”

Oh  well, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. And by the way, I did not intend to keep all of the bags, but to check them out closely at home and decide then.


Then, I visited Love That Bag’s showroom. Alice Goldbloom, who called her resale bag we site a case of late onset entrepreneurialism back in 2013, has a nice little business going. There were pristine Chanel vintage flap bags (how do women keep their bags so perfect?), a big black The Row tote (very tempting!), Guccis, a huge red Mulberry, and much, much more. But the Balenciaga City in a neutral tone that probably would suit me best was not available.


The Mulberry Bayswater Buckle Tote at Love That Bag.

Finally, on a stroll through Victoria Village and a visit to the newly opened M0851 store I spotted the HH58, a hard-handled beautifully crafted bag. Something to consider on my quest.

The M0851 HH58.

The M0851 HH58.