Published in the Constant Shopper  Sept. 5, 2012 /

It was strangely surreal to be watching fashion at Montreal Fashion Week as the final Quebec vote results were unfolding on Twitter Tuesday night. I tried very hard to watch the fashion, but the results were riveting.

In any case, Twitter is enough of a distraction at any fashion show; many viewers now watch their Twitter feed more than the actual models.

At approximately the same time the PQ victory was declared, I sent out a picture of Anastasia Lomonova’s “hairy beast” – a  model, fringed in beigey gold from head to toe.

My colleague Peggy Curran, always sharp and witty, tweeted back: “Why does this hairy beast seem appropriate right now.”

“We live in strange times,” I replied.

Well, as we know now, things got truly strange and tragic with the attack on the Metropolis that left one man dead and another in critical condition as Pauline Marois gave her victory speech. It was most certainly the attack of a mentally ill person, a random act.

We are all, franco, anglo and allo, of every party stripe, aghast at the possibility that violence should mar our democratic process. And we all feel for the families of the victims.

Well, the fashion shows continue this afternoon.