Montreal Fashion Week

Fashion Preview: the new Montreal fashion week?

For Emanuela Lolli, Fashion Preview is a labour of love. Lolli, who is Italian, has a background as an accessories designer and, by chance, found her passion in promoting the Montreal scene after she arrived here nine years ago. As designers and organizers get ready for the sixth edition of the Montreal fashion showcase, running for [...]

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Think before you tweet

This was posted on  Sep 12, 2011, before Instagram became the medium of the moment.  Do you think before you tweet? Do I? The ever-changing universe of mass communications – some still call it journalism – is well documented. Information must be disseminated immediately, and Twitter appears to be the medium of the moment. All [...]

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Strange times on the catwalk

Published in the Constant Shopper  Sept. 5, 2012 / It was strangely surreal to be watching fashion at Montreal Fashion Week as the final Quebec vote results were unfolding on Twitter Tuesday night. I tried very hard to watch the fashion, but the results were riveting. In any case, Twitter is enough of a distraction [...]

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