There’s nothing better than the perfect shade of lipstick, especially for everyday, easy wear. You slide it on without a mirror, even in a resto, the car, on the go.

But as we all know, perfect shades get discontinued, we always try new stuff and, too often, buy a hue too bright or too dull.

Now, The Estée Edit, a brand new brand from Estée Lauder, is offering two lip transforming shades – Turn it Up, a bright, bold yellow, and Turn it Down, which is black.

They are not for the faint of heart.

You will not use that Down shade in a darkened resto or on the go.


Turn it Up and Turn it Down from The Estée Edit.

But for beauty addicts and those who like to experiment, there’s fun and some fab shades to be mixed.

I played with the black and yellow with the following shades from top to bottom in the picture below.


Turn it Down

Turn it Up

Armani (Shade is gone from the old tube, but the pink is just a bit bright for me.)

Chanel Gypsy Scarlet (My favourite red, discontinued.)

Nars Vendanges (My favourite shade, also discontinued, and the colour I try to achieve for everyday.)

Estée Edit So Bare 04 (Just a bit light.)

Guerlain Rouge G in Genna


The Armani pink becomes a beautiful shade of berry with judicious use of Turn it Down.

Chanel’s Gypsy Scarlet – and I can’t believe I even experimented with it – becomes a sultry burgundy mixed with black, and a deep plum with yellow atop. But there’s a lot of careful blending and lining to be done to make it even.

Nars Vendanges – not to be doctored.

Estée Edit So Bare – too bare to be mixed with black – it turns my lips grey.

Guerlain Genna – this cheery coral mixed with black and So Bare becomes a deep berry brown that is somehow both natural and dramatic.


The Estée Edit collection is available only at Sephora. It is a full collection of makeup and skin care, designed to woo younger consumers, with Kendall Jenner as its face. 

The lip transformers are $26.