Who doesn’t like a slash of hot pink brush strokes on silk? Vivid colours painted on silk adorn the new collection of silk scarves and clothing by Marie-Andrée Wallot. The line, called Wallo – without the “t” in the designer’s name – is one of several new arrivals at the Cabinet Éphémère, the pop-up shop of Quebec designers at Ogilvy’s.

Marie-Andrée Wallot at the Cabinet Éphémère at Ogilvy

Marie-Andrée Wallot at the Cabinet Éphémère at Ogilvy’s.

Wallot, a visual artist, has worked for almost a year creating her first collection, stretch silk scarves, gowns, tunics and kimonos.

Wallot speaks of the vibration of colours, and movement of her art.

“I play with materials. When I paint, I play with colours, aspect – I don’t do frames. I amuse myself playing with frames.

“Clothing is like a frame, but it is not perfect.”

“I like the imperfection of lines,’’ she says, pointing out that even the scarves have slightly irregular edges.

“I like the vibration of colours. I like contrast,” she adds, pointing to the interplay of orange and pink and mauve.

This first collection launched in late June and will remain at the Cabinet until mid-July. The line returns to the Ogilvy pop-up in November for a stay until Christmas, when the Cabinet wraps up its stay there.

Prices range from about $280 for a scarf to $1,080 for a long dress. Everything is made in Montreal at Chantal Malboeuf’s Les Ateliers à façon.  “It is made with love and talent,’’ Wallot said.