Here’s a post from The Constant Shopper in 2009 titled Whole lot of leggings going on. Just to show you how the legging look goes on and on and on. //When I was young, there were certain style rules of which I was oblivous. I would wear a long skirt and voluminous top. One old photo makes me cringe: there I was in a severe grey ankle-length skirt, A-line, with a big pink crew-neck sweater, from Benetton if memory serves. Yes, it was winter and cold, but the look was inexcusable.

Now, young women are so style savvy it’s scary, except for sometimes. The most

egregious fashion crime: leggings as pants, with no tunic, no mini skirt, no belly

dancing foulard, no nothing. No matter how fit the fanny it’s a look that just doesn’t cut

it, gals.

Don’t get me wrong – I love leggings on young and old. But really, at risk of sounding

like an old fogie (which of course I am), leggings are tights, and as an even older fogie

said to me: “I saw this girl on the street – she forgot to finish dressing this morning.”

Here’s Louise Faure, 59, showing us how to wear leggings – with the tiniest little skirt.

Now that’s allowed.