jonesSo Stephen Jones, charming and gracious at his opening conference at the Festival Mode & Design, opened with a story about his connection to Montreal, which dates back to 1984 and his welcome to the city by Iona Monahan, the legendary Montreal Gazette fashion editor (and my predecessor, whose brown Robert Clergerie shoes I was was to fill).

Turns out, Iona spirited the renowned hat designer around town and to the Ritz, where a waiter declared his fresh-off-the-runway Mugler blazer inappropriate. “He said it was too fashion,” Jones said. Iona saw this as a dream come true and called in a story to the Gazette for the next day’s edition.

Jones wound up borrowing a jacket from Tony the Tailor, with a polyester component “seldom seen outside NASA,” to enter the fabled Ritz bar.

Next day, he was blackballed by the Ritz – neither his wakeup call nor his breakfast arrived, he recalled. “Anyway, that was one of my honeyed memories.”